Particulate Systems

A division of Micromeritics Instruments is an agile and responsive organization that is dedicated to the discovery and commercialization of unique technologies in particle and material characterization.

Our mission

Is to develop and to seek out innovative technology that advance the science of materials and particle characterization. Partnering with exceptional smaller, innovative manufacturers we have helped introduce, support, service and improve their products while providing world-wide access to the research community.

NanoPlus HD:

The NanoPlus HD is a unique instrument that utilizes photon correlation spectroscopy and electrophoretic light scattering techniques to determine particle size, zeta potential, and molecular weight.
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    High definition analysis with 70 mW of laser power finds small volume aggregates in mixtures.

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    Avalanche Photodiode Detection (APD) permits high sensitivity detection of even small volume, diluted samples

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