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Evaluation of the Surface Charge of a Solid Sample by Zeta Potential

Using the solid plate sample cell, the surface charge of a solid sample can be calculated

1. Zeta potential of glass plate charged to negative (Blank)
surface charge = -58.4 mV
(solvent:1 mM NaCl solution)

2. Surface charge of glass is neutralized by positive charge of cethyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) surface charge = +1.3 mV
(solvent:1mM NaCl solution containing 1 x 10-5 mol/l CTAB) 

3. Surface charge of glass change to positive due to absorption of excess CTAB (Solvent:1mM NaCl solution containing 1×10-4 mol/l CTAB)
surface charge = +48.4 mV

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