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The NanoPlus AT is used to titrate sample suspensions in a pH range from 1 to 13. The instrument automatically controls the pH of these suspensions and conducts titrations during both zeta potential or nano particle size analysis measurements.


  • Automatic unattended operation
  • Automatic determination of isoelectric point
  • Software control of the titration and measurement provides automatic control through standard operating procedures
  • Automatically generated reports and graphs – plot size and zeta potential vs. pH value and additive volume

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As the pH value of a solution changes frm acidic to alkaline, alumina particles show a significant change from plus to minus zeta potential values.



NanoPlus AT ph
Function: Automatically performs liquid titration for zeta potential measurement
Principle: Automatic pH control of liquid suspension
Operation Temperature: 15 to 35 °C
Dimensions: 250(W) x 310(D) x 290(H) mm
Number of titrants: Maximum of three
Titrant volume: Standard glass vials: 50 mL
Sample volume: Plastic vials: 50 mL
Titrant dispense volume: 30 mL; Maximum: less than 50 mL for 10 – 40 mL/min
Circulation flow rate: 10 - 40mL/min
Maximum number of pH settings: 100
pH probe: 1 – 13
pH range: User defineable up to pH calibration
pH calibration: Three points
Sample stirrer: Magnetic
Applicable temperature range: 0 – 100 °C