Overcome the unknown or discover more about your product than ever before

  • High definition analysis with 70mW of laser power finds small volume aggregates in mixtures.

  • Discover true zeta potential with multi-point
    measurement scans for isoelectric point, formulation
    constancy and uniformity in colloidal systems. Know, predict and quantify the stability of your product.

  • Learn more and save time with the ability to measure within the entire dynamic range of the NanoPlus HD
    in a single analysis.

 Case Study:  Improve Efficiency



Reach deeper into acquired data to increase yield, optimize process, and find new capabilities.
  • Improved sensitivity for increased raw data quality advances results accuracy.

  • Avalanche Photodiode Detection (APD) permits high sensitivity detection of even small volume, diluted samples. Let’s you successfully acquire data in valuable and challenging low volume analyses.

  • Generate customized 3D plots to track changes, compare lots or see pH affects. Use acquired data to positively impact your continual process improvement initiatives.

  Case Study: Sustain Natural Resources



Protect data integrity, secure repeatability and accuracy for high confidence results.

  • Exceptional multi-point electrophoretic mobility detection eliminates EOF affects.

  • Utilize the intelligent SOP (standard operating procedure) Designer or the preloaded liquid dispersion properties. Spend time understanding data and its impact instead of investing in method tuning and control.

  • Broad range of temperature controls secures sample integrity with protein and biological samples, keep sample bioactivity intact. Specially engineered analysis cells with parallel electrodes eliminate thermal damage to protein or biological materials

  Case Study: Expand Healthcare





Next Generation Zeta Potential and Particle Size Analyzer

With the next evolution of the precise science that brought you NanoPlus, the NanoPlus HD brings high definition accuracy with powerful 70mW lasers, expanded analyses flexibility with a broad range of temperature controls and increased efficiency.

A unique DLS and ELS system for:

  • Enhanced zeta potential accuracy through full cell, multi-point correction scans.

  • Eliminates electro osmosis error influence.

  • Higher sensitivity for increased raw data quality for improved accuracy in results

  • Increased flexibility with protein and biological samples through a broad range of temperature controls to maintain sample integrity



Nano Particle Size, Molecular Weight and Zeta Potential DLS Analyzer

Outstanding performance, sensitivity, compact bench-top footprint, and intuitive software make the NanoPlus series of products the preferred choice in determining particle size and zeta potential on a wide variety of materials.

  • Highly Accurate Zeta Potential Measurements of Concentrated Solutions.

  • True Determination of Electrophoretic Mobility. 

  • Broad Particle Sizing Range with Increased Sensitivity.

  • Wide Range of Measuring Cells.