SSSpinTester - Powder Strength Tester


Data Presentation

After each strength measurement is taken, a point appears on the program screen graph representing the material strength at the specified consolidation pressure. The time requirement to acquire this FULL flow function is approximately 90 minutes. A 25-point flow function on any other strength testing apparatus will take from 8 hours to a week.

Extended flow function of 25 points for BCR limestone 


Strength Report

The curved line on the graph of the consolidation (compaction) pressure vs. the bulk material strength represents flow function. This report can be either downloaded in an Excel-ready format or created as a PDF.


Density Report

The user can choose to have data presented in graphical and/or tabular form.



Right: Density report for BCR limestone represents a full 16-point flow function report of density vs. major principal stress (consolidation pressure).