SSSpinTester - Powder Strength Tester

Operation and Testing Procedure

The program initializes with a helpful "progress" bar. It generally takes from 4 to 6 seconds to fully activate.

First Screen

The User may choose to create a new file (begin a new test run) or open an existing file (access previously run test data)

Filled Test Condition

Enter information to define the material to be tested and some testing conditions. “Storage Time” represents the length of time the material will be subjected to the chosen consolidation pressure in the test cell before failure. Twenty seconds represent the material strength as it moves through the system (instantaneous strength). Longer times (up to 60 seconds) represent the strength the material may gather as it is stored in a system.


Addition of Pressure Tables

Define (enter) a series of desired consolidation or compaction pressures. Press “Add Point(s)” and the table in the lower left of the screen populates. Next, select a pressure from the table and click “Run Test”.




User-friendly prompt screens lead the technician through the 6-step test procedure.