Particle Insight Dynamic Image Analyzer /
Particle Shape Analyzer

For many years, particle size analyzers have rendered results with the assumption that all measured particles are spherical. However, in many applications, the shape of particles can affect both performance and flowability in manufacturing. As a result, particle shape information about raw materials enables manufacturers to control their process with a much higher level of sensitivity than by using particle size measurements alone.

The Particle Insight is a state-of-the-art dynamic image analyzer that is ideal for applications where the shape, not just the diameter, is critical information for predicting raw material performance. The fully automated Particle Insight is well suited for use in a full production environment where speed, accuracy, and ease of use with Pass/Fail shape control limits can be set.

Wide Variety of Design Benefits

A camera with unique optics, high frame rate, and high resolution enables the analysis of tens of thousands of particles in seconds.

Select from 30 size/shape parameters that are best suited for the particle shapes being measured.

All analyzed particles have thumbnail images saved for postrun viewing and shape filtering.

Ability to compare different analyses via histogram overlays for all analyzed shape parameters.

Data mirroring enables real-time security backup as well as a means to monitor from a remote location.

Recirculating sample module and optics similar to laser diffraction systems enable statistically valid measurements in a very short amount of time.

Three-dimensional analysis with random orientation results in the ability to measure all aspects of particles. Full compliance to Electronic Records Signatures 21 CFR Part 11.

Scattergram allows for the correlation of any two shape parameters for each particle analyzed in a run.

Available Particle Shape Models:

Circle Models:

  • Equivalent circular area diameter
  • Equivalent circular perimeter diameter
  • Bounding circle diameter
  • Circularity
  • Form factor
  • Compactness
Ellipse Models:

  • Equivalent elliptical area width, length
  • Bounding ellipse width, length
  • Elliptical aspect ratio
  • Ellipsicity
Rectangle Models:

  • Bounding rectangle length, width
  • Bounding rectangle aspect ratio
  • Rectangularity
Polygon Models:

  • Polygon order
  • Interior angle
  • Convexity
Fiber Models:

  • Fiber length, width
  • Fiber aspect ratio
  • Fiber curl
Irregular Models:

  • Feret length, width
  • Feret aspect ratio
  • Mean diameter
  • Smoothness
Pixel Intensity:

  • Opacity
  • White Fractions

Size Range Model Options:

  • 1 µm – 150 µm
  • 3 µm – 300 µm
  • 10 µm – 800 µm
  • 100um – 2500um*

*available on Shape Module option

Particle Insight Instrument Features:

  • High speed, high resolution
  • Real-time results
  • Up to 30 size and shape measures
  • Particle thumbnails
  • Multi-run overlaying of shape data
  • Sieve correlation capability
  • Upgradeable optics
  • Organic fluid capability
  • Security and regulatory compliance
  • Flexible, fluidic design
  • Four size range model options
  • Real-time data backup for remote viewing
  • Automated recirculating sample handling module
  • 3-Dimensional analysis with random orientation
  • Simple hardware for low maintenance
  • Unique integration with smartphone app allows for remote data analysis of all results and thumbnails in real time
  • Particle classification feature allows users to automatically have a full analysis for each subcomponent in a mixed sample

Particle Insight Software Features:

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    Thumbnail Extraction from Specific Points in Histogram

    The Particle Insight allows the user to have a true analysis of all dimensions of the particles. In addition, the user is able to selectively see each particle that created a certain area of any shape histogram.

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    Smartphone and Tablet Application for Particle Insight

    View and perform additional statistical analysis on the go. A unique feature allowing automatic real-time secure cloud based data transfer from the Particle Insight to the palm of your hand. As results are completed, data is uploaded where authorized users can download and not just view results but also perform statistical analysis.

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    Compare Samples with Shape Overlays

    The Particle Insight allows for sample-to-sample comparisons that can visually show the differences in shape aspects of particles. By overlaying sample histograms for all the available shape parameters, the user can compare different samples and make determinations based not only on size, but on shape as well.

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    Scatter Plot Correlates Two Shape Measures

    The correlation between any two shape results of the same sample can give the user unique information about their process and their particles. The correlation coefficient calculation can also be used as quality control criteria for process control. This Pearson coefficient is widely used as a measure of the strength of linear dependence between two variables.

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    Process Monitoring

    To simplify manufacturing process control, the Particle Insight incorporates a process monitoring feature that shows simple pass/ fail indicators for any shape measurement. It is no longer necessary to control an incoming or outgoing process by particle size alone. This feature can also be used to classify particles as required by industry standards such as ISO 4406 and NAS 1638 for the oil industry, and USP <788> for therapeutics.

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    Data Generated in Either Graphical or Spreadsheet Formats

    Statistical information can be shown and printed for all shape measures including sieve-correlations and the automatic creation of spreadsheet files enabling users to have shape information for each particle analyzed.

Knowledge versus Assumption:

Are you getting only half the picture?

Traditionally particle analysis instrumentation report results assuming that all particles are spherical. The Particle Insight Shape Module provides critical data about particle shape and removes the assumption that only size, not shape, affects your results.

Subtle variations in shape directly influence numerous elements of production such as:

  • Flow
  • Abrasion
  • Dispersion
  • Blend uniformity
  • Compaction

Particle Insight Shape Module:

Fully integrates Into Your Current Particle Sizing Workflow Without Compromise…

The Particle Insight Shape Module automatically takes an aliquot of sample from the reservoir of your current laser light scattering instrument. The sample is analyzed in the Particle Insight Shape Module, data are collected, and then the sample is returned to the same reservoir of your sizing instrument. All of this is done in parallel with your current sizing instrument without compromising the results from either instrument.

No longer assume that particle size distribution, as a single measurement, assures the quality of your material.

The Particle Insight Shape Module (PiSM) is a universal, full-featured, dynamic image analysis instrument that is designed to be fully integrated with your sizing instruments.

Compliment Your Existing Processes

No need to change or re-validate your currently established method or process instead easily integrate the PiSm within your fluid path of your existing size-only instrumentation.

As the sample is being analyzed, the Particle Insight taps into the sample reservoir of your sizing instrument, removes an aliquot of no more than 30ml of the sample, performs real-time shape analysis and returns the sample to the existing instrument without jeopardizing sample or instrument integrity.

Application Notes: